Foreign Exchange & Wholesale Banknotes

NAFEX is one of the leading providers of foreign exchange services in Bahrain, providing customised solutions to individuals and corporate clients at competitive rates. We regularly check the exchange rates of major banks and key competitors to ensure we give you the best overall price.

We further specialise in the bulk import and export of banknotes, and have grown to become one of the leading wholesale banknote traders in the Middle East. Our clients include major banks, foreign exchange companies and other leading financial institutions across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. For further details, please contact our trading desk on +973 1722 6062 or email us at                                           


Through our extensive network of worldwide correspondent banking relationships and agents, our clients can choose from a wide range of remittance services including:

  • Bank to Bank
  • Door to Door
  • Instant Cash

NAFEX is one of the Principal Agents of Western Union Money Transfer in Bahrain for worldwide instant cash transfer. Customers are able to send and receive money to any destination in the world in a matter of minutes through Western Union’s network of over 480,000 agent locations worldwide in over 200 countries and territories.

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